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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Rachel. My friends call me Ray. I'm a dreadhead, nature enthusiast, weather geek, coffee addict, and a rambler to anyone who will listen.

One of my many odd (nah, let’s go with unique) things about me is my fascination with laundromats! I find them so entertaining. I listen to the infinite humming of giant toy blocks tumbling and jumbling random fabrics while smelling the heavenly aroma of jasmine & wild lavender fabric softener filling the room with peace... all the while, my mind is kept occupied by visualizing a game of chess on the mix-matched colored floor tiles. For a while, I used to feel like my life was in a never-ending cycle. Constantly spinning in the same place, but lately, I recognized that’s no longer true. I just needed that extra cycle to fluff out the wrinkles. Feeling refreshed takes time, and I think it’s important for all of us to utilize that extra cycle if needed. There’s no rush! Iron out those creases, then continue to strut your stuff.

Over two years worth of doing laundry on the road the Tales of the Laundromat was born.  

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