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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Rachel. My friends call me Ray.
I'm a dreadhead, nature enthusiast, weather geek, coffee addict,
and a rambler to anyone who will listen.

One of my many odd (nah, let’s go with unique) things about me is my fascination with laundromats. I find them so entertaining. I enjoy listening to the infinite humming of giant toy blocks tumbling and jumbling random fabrics while smelling the heavenly aroma of jasmine & wild lavender fabric softener filling the room with peace... all the while, my mind is kept occupied by visualizing a game of chess on the mix-matched colored floor tiles.

Since living on the road, I started documenting these charming places purely out of boredom as I waited for my laundry to finish. Eventually, I started to gather quite the collection and after two years of photographs, Tales of the Laundromat was born. This site is a small teaser of what I've captured and would love to share more tales and photographs with you but need a little help. 

Click below to assist with turning Tales of the Laundromat into a book. 


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